INTACT Software Library

Software Library

Your personalized Software Library includes software installations that you need for reliable access to your data. It is hosted in Intact Digital private data centers using state-of-the-art virtualization techniques and secure remote access technology to enable convenient use of virtual desktops.

We take special care with software that requires obsolete operating systems and pose security risks. With our installations and services you can rest assured that your software can be used safely and reliably for as long as your business requires.

The Software Library is designed to address key challenges that businesses face due to technology obsolescence.  


Protect your investment in software technologies and valuable data


Validate and transfer knowledge through re-producible analyses of data  


Meet regulatory requirement for retention and readibility of data


Support effective use of past data and analyses to enable innovation

Software Installation Process

Our proven processes and techniques enable secure and reliable use of unsupported software.

Individual software applications are assessed to identify optimal way to install and maintain them for long-term use.

Installation, validation and ongoing use of software are documented to support effective management and adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Installations are tested and approved for use in specific scenarios.

The process of adding software to the Software Library involves four stages. Intact Digital IT specialists work with you and ensure that the usage scenarios and the process documentation meet your requirements.


Software is installed within securely managed virtual machines.


Virtual desktops provide secure remote access to software and data.


Software installation is validated and data analyses is reliably reproduced.


Virtual environments and software installations are monitored and maintained.

Software Library Components

Software Library is designed to support the use of software installations and the management of digital assets associated with the installed software. It includes the Management Portal, Library Portal and Digital Vault.

Together they enable user workflows that involve access to the past data in E-archives and project repositories. They enable a systematic approach to system decommissioning and ensure full compliance with the retention and readability of data and software assets.

Management Portal

The management portal includes detailed records of software technologies included in the Software Library, user account information, license information, and regular service and usage reports.

Screenshot of the Software Library Management Portal.

Library Portal

The library portal hosts customized digital desktops for completion of specific user tasks using the virtualized software technologies.

Screenshot of a Virtual Desktop hosting Windows XP Operating System (2001) and Analyst 1.4.2, ScieX (2006)

Digital Vault

The vault stores software technology files, installers, system and user documentation, installation documents created during the virtualization process and installation images of the virtualized software.

Screenshot of a Digital Vault including documentation and release notes of Analyst 1.4.2, ScieX (2006)

Software Library Use

Software Library supports use scenarios across industry sectors that involve software technologies to create lasting business value. Intact Digital experts have years of industry experience in computing fields and bring their knowledge to other sectors.

In Bioanalysis, Software Library is used by labs to comply with Good Laboratory Practices and ensure readability of raw data stored in e-Archives. Software Library contains specialized applications that are required to reproduce data analyses from research studies conducted ten or more years prior. The application installations are validated and approved for study reproducibility and maintained for long-term use.

Software Library Subscription

We offer flexible subscription plans to meet your long-term needs.
Your Software Library expands over time as software technologies become obsolete.
Easily add new software, enrol new users, and specify access privileges.

Begin planning

List software applications that are needed for long term use.
Determine requirements and dependencies on other software.
Identify licenses and consider the terms of your software use.
Determine the number of users who need to use the Software Library.

We can help

We offer free initial consultations with a Software Library demo and provide free trial accounts on request.
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