Intact Digital protects your digital assets.

Your software, data and knowledge remain intact for the lifetime of your business.

We envision a digital era of lasting computing technologies that seamlessly support our experiences and connect our digital past with our digital future.

Our mission is to mitigate the problems arising from the obsolescence of computing technologies. We promote responsible innovation and software lifecycle management that safeguards the value of digital information, data and knowledge.




Intact Digital works with software technology users and producers to secure the long-term value of their investment in technology, data and knowledge.

Software Users

We enable long-term data use and knowledge transfer through:

Hosting and management of legacy software installations.

Fast and reliable remote access to software.

Fast and secure access to legacy data.

Ongoing management of technology obsolescence.

Advice on technology acquisition and decommissioning.

Software Producers

We support product lifecycle management and responsible innovation through:

Assurance plans for long-term software installations.

Assistance with withdrawal of discontinued software.

Improved customer retention and trust.

Management of legacy software use and licenses.

Extended user warranty for obsolete software use.

INTACT Software Library

Your Software Library contains all the software technologies that you need to use legacy data, reproduce data analyses and remain compliant with industry standards.

We work with you every step of the way as you acquire new technologies and decommission old systems that are still essential for your business.

With INTACT Software Library you have peace of mind. Both your data and your software will remain usable for as long as you need.

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Software is critical for using digital data and depends on constant updates and support.

While software support is normally available for only a few years, your data may be needed for decades.

Our platform and services give you the assurance you need that any software technologies you have acquired or created in the past remain functional and usable beyond their normal market lifetime and technical support cycles.

Software Library use scenarios

Software Library supports use scenarios across industry sectors, in projects that involve software technologies and create business value. In particular Software Library has been used by bioanalysis labs to comply with Good Laboratory Practices. It enables viewing of raw preclinical study and reproducing of study results using validated software installations.

  • No risks of hardware failure
  • Validated software installations
  • Reliable use of unsupported software
  • Safe use of archived data
  • Cost savings in IT staffing and services.

INTACT Digital Services

INTACT Digital Assurance

We support the software life-cycle management and long-term hosting of software products in your Software Library.


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INTACT Digital Continuity

We provide risk assessment and mediation plans, supporting software migration and system decommissioning.


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