INTACT Digital Assurance

INTACT Digital Assurance

Software inevitably becomes obsolete as new features are required and new software versions are constantly released. Ensuring that user data can be usable across software versions requires resources and puts strains on innovation. Intact Digital alleviates the burden of backward compatibility and frees up your resources.

INTACT Digital Assurance supports software lifecycle management. It includes hosting of software versions in INTACT Software Library, providing a full catalogues of released products. Each software release is installed and configured to remain usable beyond the standard software support, for as long as the software users need it.

Who is Digital Assurance for?

Software producers can use the INTACT Digital Assurance services to manage the life-cycle of individual software or entire lines of software products.

Software Library is suitable for the management of both commercially released software and home-grown software created for internal use.

Digital Assurance use

Intact Digital software installations can be used throughout the product sale cycle, from the product promotion and distribution to the migration of customers to new versions and enabling use of product 'as is' beyond its market lifetime.

Software sales experts can use Intact Digital platform to:


Show the value of technology through pre-set demonstrator desktops for specific sectors and use scenarios.

Reliable technology showcases are key support for marketing and sale activities.


Deliver software for specialized use scenarios through pre-set virtual desktops.

Enable customers to get hands-on experience through reliable installations.

Conduct user trials to gather user preferences.


Reduce the customers’ anxiety from migration to new product versions.

Facilitate transition of technology from operational mode to legacy mode.


Provide technology assurance plans for customers to use the product ‘as is’ after it has been discontinued or when the technology provider may not be trading any more.

What does it include ?

INTACT Digital Assurance includes planning and provisioning of INTACT Digital Library resources for installations that ensure long-term use of software. Each software release is hosted in the INTACT Software Library and configured to stay functional and usable beyond the standard software support.

Start Digital Assurance process

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Software installation requirements and dependencies.
Licensing terms of your software.
Number of software users for each software version.

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