INTACT Software Platform provides flexible hosting of software across the life-cycle, from the first release to the last unsupported version.


Software users create valuable data and content using software tools and are concerned with the short life-cycle of software.

INTACT Software Platform enables software developers to ensure that their software continues to support users in the future.

Who is the INTACT Software Platform for?

Software producers and software users who need to ensure that the software they create remains functional and usable without further development and maintenance.

  • Software as a Service providers
  • Propreitary software vendors
  • Open source software developers and vendors
  • Operators of legacy systems
  • Application Developers
  • Software distributors

What does the INTACT Software Platform provide?

INTACT Software Platform enables you to manage the life-cycle of your software releases:

  • Each release is hosted in a virtual machine, configured to ensure that the software is functional and usable.
  • The INTACT Software Certificate assures your software users that the software release is futureproof and usable when no longer supported or distributed.
  • The INTACT Software Preview reassures your software users that the software is functional and meets their needs.

Start using INTACT Software Platform

Contact us at software@intact.digital to discuss your requirements.
To determine the best pricing model for you, please include:

  • Number of software releases you wish to host
  • Software installation requirements and dependencies on other software
  • Licensing terms of your software
  • Number of users who would need INTACT Software certificates.

We will work with you to ensure that your software is futureproof and deliver maximum value to you and your customers.