INTACT Continuity Services provide support for migration and decommissioning of legacy systems. We ensure that past applications and content can be accessed and used as needed.

Migration of systems and data is essential to leverage innovation in technologies. However, in many instances it is beneficial to retain access to the legacy system and content.

INTACT Continuity Services enable virtualization of systems to support migration of software and data and to sustain the value of digital assets.

Who are INTACT Continuity Services for?

Organizations who wish to reduce the risk of losing access to valuable digital assets and to leverage their past investment in computing technology for innovation, including:

  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Medical and health record services
  • Financial organizations
  • Research institutes
  • Law enforcement and defence
  • Public sector services

What do INTACT Continuity Services offer?

INTACT Continuity Services include consulting, design and implementation, and maintenance of INTACT Continuity solutions. INTACT Digital consultants will work with you to

  • Develop an INTACT Continuity Plan to retain your digital assets beyond the lifetime of computing systems.
  • Implement virtual machines to host legacy software.
  • Integrate data and document transformation services to enable content reuse.
  • Provide maintenance of virtual machines and transformation services.

Start INTACT Continuity planning

Contact to discuss your needs. In order to determine the scope services, please prepare

  • Description of technology and data migration plans
  • Risk factors and compliance requirements for your data, documents and software
  • Description of legacy systems you wish to retain.

We will work with you to identify the optimal digital continuity strategy for your organization, to secure the value of your digital assets and technology investments.