INTACT Content Assurance plans ensure that your archived data and documents can be accessed with original software applications. They secure the long term value of your digital assets.


Content management systems store data and documents for active use and archiving. However, long term archives become unusable without adequate software.

INTACT Content Assurance plans provide access to software that is needed to use archived content.

Who is the INTACT Content Assurance for?

Organizations and individuals who need to ensure that data and documents placed in cloud storage or old content management systems can be accessed reliably, inlcuding:

  • Compliance and e-discovery teams
  • Content producers
  • Content management services
  • Corporate and public archives
  • Universities and libraries
  • Publishers

What does the INTACT Content Assurance include?

INTACT Content Assurance Plan is tailored for a given collection of data and documents or for the needs of the organization. It provides:

  • Up to date inventory of legacy applications needed to secure access to digital content.
  • Subscription to the legacy software ready for use in virtual machines.
  • Continuous upgrade and maintenance of the dedicated virtual machines.
  • Data extraction and format conversion services to ensure use of the content in original form or with new applications.

Get INTACT Content Assurance

Contact us at assurance@intact.digital to discuss your needs.
In order to determine the scope of the assurance plan and the best pricing model for you, please prepare:

  • Description of the data and document collections
  • Information about the software applications needed to use the content
  • Risk factors and compliance requirement for ensuring access to content
  • Duration of the assurance plan

We will develop the plan to keep your content futureproof and ensure it can be reliably and conveniently accessed when needed.